Emerson Technical Analysis is an independent technical corporation serving the international energy and chemical industries and affiliated businesses such as insurance, banking and law.

ETA provides specialized consulting in managing process risk, preparing for and responding to crises, supporting high-stakes litigation, and managing capital projects. ETA also offers state-of-the-art security vulnerability assessments, drills and exercises for chemical and maritime facilities.

ETA experts are dedicated to helping improve industrial “best practices” through our professional associations, and applying those practices in the most effective manner for our clients. The ETA practice centers on energetic and reactive chemicals, natural gas (including direct reduced iron and gas reforming), petroleum refining, oil and gas production, metals and inorganic salts.

  • Leadership of Process Safety Management Programs
  • Forensic Investigations of Hazardous Material Incidents
  • Energetic/ Reactive/ Explosive/ Flammable Materials including:
    o Perchlorates
    o Nitrates
    o Reactive Metals, e.g., Lithium, Sodium
    o Petroleum Refining
    o Oil and gas production
  • Fixed and Maritime Facility Security

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