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ETA offers in-depth support to the wide spectrum of operating, technical and legal organizations allied with the process industries.

Drawing from top-level corporate executive experience in safety, environmental and technology programs, we can help ---

  • Initiate new, effective safety, health and risk control efforts,
  • Expand technical skill-sets of professional staff,
  • Break through to higher levels of safety excellence for entire organizations.

ETA offers sustained assistance to operating managers as they move safety programs beyond simple compliance with regulation toward outstanding performance. Elements may include setting new stretch goals, earning active support from senior management, and setting in motion those plans to achieve sustained excellence and recognition for cooperative programs.

Executive Program Management

  • Instilling excellence
    o Best Practices
    o Recognition, such as participation in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program


  • Facility Siting and Planning
  • Inherent Safety by Design

Forensic Investigation

  • Causation
  • Subrogation
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Process Safety and Risk Management

Regulations and Standards

  • Federal
  • Nevada
  • California


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